Determining whether a project or idea is feasible has always proven to be the step in the right direction. This essential step, evaluates and analyzes all key parameters such as project concept, financial exposure, understanding associated risks, code and regulatory requirements, payback, resources, infrastructure requirements, social impact assessment, project alternatives and many more.

What exactly is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study provides a answer to the key questions faced by decision makers.

Is it worth moving to the next step?

What is our financial exposure?

What is payback?

What is the social impact?

How’s a due diligence study different?

On the other hand, a Due Diligence Study is more comprehensive and elaborative than a feasibility study and is performed before making a decision on a major financial commitment. Its purpose is to confirm if all things are in the right place and to get a final go or no go. As the name suggests, Due Diligence Study examines anything and everything which has an impact on the decision including financials, cash-flow, expenses, physical asset condition, environmental compliance, hazardous materials presence, code and regulatory compliance situation, and so on. This requires a team of experienced professionals in accounting and finance, engineering, architecture, cost estimation, environmental specialists, risk and insurance specialists, appraisers, and more depending on the project needs. 

Feasibility study – you’re evaluating options…

Due Diligence – you’re confirming before committing…

Green Globe can help

At Green Globe we have helped our clients make decisions which they are happy with by conducting feasibility and due diligence studies. We have experienced team members in all disciplines who can guide you on the right path for making strategic decisions which you will be proud of. Follow us on our LinkedIn We provide exclusive updates everyday.

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