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About Us

Green Globe Consultants Inc. specializes in custom engineering solutions which are tailored to the client’s needs. Our range of solutions in energy management, business process re-engineering, business consulting, feasibility studies, facility management, reserve fund studies, accessibility studies, and engineering design services. Our team includes multi-disciplined industry experts with proven track record and driven by our goal of providing the best service experience and value to our clients.

Green Globe Consultants Inc. was formed with a mission to contribute towards a green planet and sustainability by contributing with innovative ideas in the consulting engineering field. Driven by this mission we are very passionate about bringing the best in technology and innovation to help secure our sustainable future.

We are a multi disciplined, fully insured, engineering consulting firm with a certificate of authorization from the Professional Engineer of Ontario (PEO).

Green Globe Promise

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we strive to achieve it. Providing the best services and value to our customers is the driving force behind our success. With this goal in mind, we make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with our services. To ensure your satisfaction we have a very experienced team with a successful track record of hundreds of projects.

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BrainBox AI Partnership

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We are excited to provide its clients with access to the latest energy consumption optimization technologies in-market and enable impactful utility bill savings for building owners. BrainBox AI Software as a Service (SaaS) which connects directly to a building’s HVAC/ Building Management system and transforms HVAC systems from reactive to preemptive or “self-driving” by combining deep learning, cloud-based computing, and algorithms, leading to a reduction of up to 25% in total energy costs in less than 3 months, a 20-40% reduction in carbon footprint, and a 60% increase in occupant comfort. This system achieves these savings during the unoccupied times due to COVID and in addition to what the BMS system achieves, with no capital-intensive upgrades. BrainBox AI is a TIME Best Invention of 2020.

We are thrilled to provide our clients access to this groundbreaking HVAC optimization building technology to enable impactful utility bill savings for building owners. 


Partnering with BrainBox AI to help tackle the climate emergency with no capital intensive work is in line with our vision for using innovation for securing a sustainable future.”

Kirtan Patel, DirectorGreen Globe Consultants Inc.

Green Globe Team

Our team includes experienced and licensed engineers; architecture; mechanical, electrical, structural, industrial and civil engineering, management consultants who provide an array of consulting solutions like sustainability studies, carbon reduction and net zero target studies, energy audits, energy guarantee services, energy modelling using RETScreen, EQuest and CANQuest, due diligence studies, feasibility studies, design and building permits, operational excellence, project management, code compliance studies, building condition assessments and reserve fund studies.

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Our Core Values


Integrity is our core, we work with full integrity and ethically and in a socially responsible manner. We have earned the trust of our industry, our customers, our associates and the partners. We never cut corners and we follow applicable laws, regulations and ethical guidelines.


Quality is customer satisfaction by understanding needs, adopting their goals, providing custom solutions and best value in every single project. We believe in the power of continuous improvement, lean six-sigma and Kaizen to ensure we deliver solutions that meet our clients’ expectations.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our success and is guided by our mission to continuously research, learn and adopt the latest technology for the betterment of our clients. We promote a mindset that embraces challenges for the future, and work with curiosity and passion. Our customers deserve the best and we give them the best!

Custom Solutions

We believe in providing custom solutions based on the unique needs of each project.

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