Facility Condition Assessment

Green Globe Facility Condition Assessment provides the condition and capital requirements of your facilities or buildings. Our qualified and experienced team will help identify, quantify, and prioritize the capital requirements of your building in the short and long term and provide the foundation for planning your facility’s future state. 

FCA will help you to understand the building life cycle, what you have, what you need when you need, and how much money you need.  It is the key to ensure proper management of the facility needs, minimize service disruption, minimize breakdowns and reactive work, proactively plan for expenses, obtain accurate budgets, plan implementation in phases and save dollars in managing your buildings. 

Our qualified and experienced team is all ready to help you with the FCA of your buildings.

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An FCA report is designed to serve as a functional tool to maintain property over time and is generally requested by asset managers with long-term capital expense planning needs. Therefore, it contains a thorough accounting of the material components of each system, usually in the form of inventory tables, as well as detailed estimates for the repair and replacement of systems and equipment than those you would find in a PCA report. Ideally, this data will culminate in a realistic projection of expenses for the ongoing maintenance of the property over a defined period of time. This will help investors and owners maximize the return on investment of their asset

FCA Process

Understand expectations

Records review

Site Inspections

Identify building history

Identify energy saving opportunities

Put all together and compile

Flag Issues

Estimate budgets

Report as Draft


Final Report